Google Play to verify Apps shared using SHAREit, Google Files go, Xender.

Google has been working on adding security to all apps and making peer-to-peer sharing of apps more secure for the users. 

Any app added to the Google Play will automatically receive security metadata so that it can be verified as originating from Google Play when shared anywhere.

Such side-loaded apps would now receive updates from Google Play and help the developers in tracking such users for support. Now Google Play would determine the shared app while a device is offline, and manage app updates when the device comes back online

Peer-to-peer sharing is useful in areas where data networks are not very common and quite expensive too along with limited connectivity. Sharing Apps with other is easier than downloading it all the time.

James Bender, Product Manager, Google Play, in a post on Android Developers Blog, says, “This will give users more confidence when using Play-approved peer-to-peer app beta partners.” 

Google says has started adding security metadata to APKs to help with app authenticity, this should benefit both users because they’ll have access to more secure software without needing to download it. It will also benefit the developers because it would present an opportunity for developers while helping more people keep their apps up to date.

This new feature will be rolled out soon for the Google’s Files Go client and third-party app Xender in the coming days. Users will be required to go to Google Play to make sure they have the latest versions of these apps.
All the apps will go through Google Play’s verification during offline peer-to-peer sharing.