Find your personality type! An Extrovert or an Introvert?

I neither say the introvert personality is impressive not am I inclined towards the people who are extroverts.

What I personally think is that both in some or the other ways are nice. However, some of these characteristics must for sure have become the reason of your failure.

So here I am with certain qualities of both the kind. It’s you to decide if you want to borrow in some good traits of the other or you are the best the way you are….so let’s start!

If you are an extrovert, you probably are best known for the following traits

 Happy and jovial- Extroverts are the happier people. They express their feeling out in open. They take things lightly I mean like “ big deal…huh” !

Friendly- Girls time to brace yourselves up. Because these extrovert guys are very friendly…hence, quite attractive. So u might end up getting attracted to them! Also as per a study, girls are more attracted towards the extrovert boys. ahem ahem…

Talkative- Extroverts want to be the center of attraction or leader of the team. These people are social and are talkative.

People’s person-Extroverts feel depressed and isolated by too much time spent alone. They are expected to be the one to keep up the conversation or feel instantly comfortable when confronting strangers.

Good advisers- Extroverts feel happy and worthy when someone asks for their advice. They are very happy to be the advisers.

Skilled and confident- As per a study, extroverts are less intelligent than the introvert people. However they are way more experienced than introverts and thus, more confident.

Good listenersIn spite of the fact that these people like to talk a lot, they are good listeners too. They are always eager to know about what is going on in the life of the people around them.

Adjusting-The extroverts are much likely to compromise their own happiness to make someone that they are about happy.

You will be able to connect with the following, if you claim to be an introvert

Quiet and reserve- Introverts tend to be more quiet, reserved and introspective. These people are much motivated, independent and prefer to work alone.

Inward turning- Introverts tend to focus on more internal thoughts, feelings, and moods rather

Creative and strong headedIntroverts are best in creative, marketing and educational streams. Some of the great people.

Trustworthy- Introverts can keep secrets. They know how hard it can be to trust somebody, so they won’t share a personal detail if you don’t want them to. This is exactly why introverts are excellent best friends.

Introverts are not boring-
People usually think that the one who talk less or are introverts and have a very boring life. They do not live it to the fullest. But hardly do they know that introverts are not at all boring. They are in fact very calm, easy going and believe in being themselves.

Introverts love people-The general notion goes by the fact that introverts hate people, but no that’s so not the case! They like people, and that is why they have friends, maybe not as many as the famous guy or girl around, but they do, and hence the fact that they hate people is a misconception, it’s just that they take some time to open up!