Do you Know? People with a good sense of smell are also good navigators.

The next time you need to get somewhere, you may be able to follow your nose.

A study has found that a powerful sense of smell is linked with a sense of direction. So while you may not be able to smell your way to a destination (unless it’s a bakery), an ability to identify distinct smells could indicate an ability to get where you need to go.

How the experiment worked ?

A study was done by McGill University, Montreal city in Canada, 57 participants were asked to navigate a virtual town on a computer screen.

They were given 20 minutes to familiarize themselves with it, essentially build a map based on their memory , and then figure on how to get from one virtual landmark to another.

In another part of the experiment, the 57 participants were asked to smell 40 scented markers without any labels and asked to smell and guess which smell was which.

Scented Felt tip pens used for the experiment 

In the end, those who had a superior sense of smell were also the best in finding the destination, the team found.

Early men possibly used the same ability as per the study

The study suggests this could go back to the days of our earliest ancestors, smelling with a faint sniff of wild animal could be a signal of dinner or danger.