AVNI Shoot or Murdered ?

A man-eater tigress named Avni, who was allegedly responsible for the death of 14 people in the Pandharkawda forest in Maharashtra, was on Friday night killed in Yavatmal.

The Maharashtra Forest Department had earlier issued shoot-at-sight orders against the tigress.
One of India’s most high-profile tiger hunts in decades ended on Friday night when the mother of two 10-month old cubs — known to hunters as T1 but Avni to wildlife lovers — was shot dead in the jungles of Maharashtra state.

Local of yavatmal celebrated bust crackers after the tiger was shoot dead.
after warning given by forest department that after Anvi it will be very difficult that two cubs will survive.

Dark day for the nation.
Last month, the Bombay High Court’s Nagpur Bench admitted a petition that sought a stay on plans to kill the tigress and instead capture her alive.

Wildlife activist Jerryl A Banait contended that instead of killing her, which will orphan her cubs, the Forest Department should capture her alive, as per the Supreme Court orders on September 11.
He described the shooting as “cold-blooded murder”.